Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Don’t blame Trump for shootings, pipe bombs: Letters

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It is beyond hypocrisy to see the mainstream media and many Democrats blame President Trump for the recent violent attacks of the two mentally unstable angry men, from the mailed explosive devices to the shooting in the synagogue.

Where was the blame when the Orlando nightclub massacre took place? Obama was the president at the time of the deadliest shooting while James Comey was the head of the FBI.

The massacre at the Pulse nightclub was the deadliest attack in domestic terror. The FBI has sufficient and early warning of the perpetrator. What did Comey do? He failed to act proactively and efficiently.Was Obama responsible then? Stop the blame game and work together as Americans.

— Leticia Rodriguez, Anaheim

One-sided, incomplete column on wildfire liability

Re “Once-desperate utilities see their fire worries disappear” (Thomas Elias, Oct. 13):

Columnist Thomas Elias’ one-sided and incomplete discussion of the recently passed legislation (Senate Bill 901) fails to give a full and honest discussion of the issue.

If I build my house in an approved location and in accordance with all code requirements, and a windstorm causes a problem that ignites a fire in my house and that fire spreads to the surrounding area, should I be held liable for damages to my neighbors? I don’t think so.

And maybe that’s why 49 of the 50 states — yes, California was the only exception — do not allow liability against utilities whose facilities are properly permitted, installed and maintained, but are caught up in a wind or firestorm.

— Charles McCarthy, Yorba Linda

Who paid for Measure W advertisement in paper?

In the Oct. 21 newspaper there was an advertisement for Measure W, which if passed will raise our property taxes yet again, this time to tax us for the rainwater that falls on our property because apparently it rains too much here and we haven’t been paying enough taxes to handle it.

I am curious who paid for that advertisement. I hope Los Angeles County is not using public funds to buy advertising to convince us to raise our own taxes again, like they did with Proposition HHH.But it appears that until the supervisors face personal fines or jail time for violating election law, it is just business as usual.

— John Knapp, Long Beach

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