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Building Signs For Business

Building Signs for Business

Building signs for business will require special hardware for each particular application. Some sign hardware for suspended hanging signs need to be attached securely. Your sign hardware should attach to metal ceiling beams or to the structural slab above the suspended ceiling tile. To avoid public liability problems, insist on having any suspended sign connection engineered. Sign fabricators can usually rate the safety of any hardware the designer might devise. Manufacturers of standard interior signing systems have special hardware for ceiling and wall-mounting conditions. It is often possible to adapt standard hardware for use with some installations.

The least expensive method of installing a hanging sign panel is by chains. Besides being inexpensive, chains allow the sign to swing if hit, rather than the support to break. If exposed chains are offensive, or do not fit your d├ęcor, cut some pieces of straight PVC tubing to cover the chain and eye screws. They can be painted to match the sign color or building color. It may be necessary to use rigid supports to prevent excessive wind movement of the sign. In this instance, you will want to use a welded bracket bolted to a secure object. Building signs for business will not only be signs but individual letters.

 Building Signs for Business or building letters, designed to be mounted flat to the wall surface is one type of installation method. They can be attached directly to a durable surface or spaced out a little from the wall for a floating appearance. A combination of contact adhesive and double sided foam tape and silicone adhesive or a spacer frame of the -rnension can usually create the effect desired. However, mounted at right angles to the wall with little or no supports are much more difficult to support adequately, ten, panel signs of this type are vulnerable to being orally struck by maintenance men carrying ladders. Any I who has used a claw hammer to pull nails can under--e basic principle of leverage involved when this kind of isn is struck. If the end of an 18-inch (45.7-centimeter) ip is struck with a 30-pound (14-kilogram) force, the .e acting to bend the sign or pull mounting fas-c: of the wall can be roughly 18 x 30, or 540 pounds lograms). If possible, a breakaway or hinged connection t ?e used to prevent damage to the sign or wall.

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