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Buena Park Sign Company Letter Styles

Buena Park Sign Company Letter Styles

The Dadaists' propaganda skills, first exercised in self-promotion, were diverted to publicizing design itself as part of a social revolution in which freedom would be achieved through increased mechanization. In sign typography they followed a disciplined version of Constructivism. It was limited to a narrow range of sign typefaces and sign sizes, and each design had to have a structure derived from its verbal content, not arranged according to established precedent. For images, the hand-drawn sign was replaced by the machine-made illustration, the photograph. The sign graphic design­er worked at a drawing board like an architect, producing a layout that provided instructions. In this way decisions were taken out of the hands of the sign printer and made in the studio, remote from the industrial process.

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The Buena Park Sign Company Letter Styles, from Expressionism towards functionalism and from handcrafted signage, towards design for machine sign production, can be traced in the changing graphic design at the Bauhaus, the famous school of arts and crafts, established in Weimar in 1919. Its first letterhead used the typeface designed by Behrens, Mediaval. The school's first emblem was like a mason's mark, a spread-eagled figure carrying aloft a pyramid. By 1924 this had been replaced by the geometricized profile of a head (adapt­ed from a much earlier design by Oskar Schlemmer, one of the staff), which could be simply reproduced from printer's 'rules' – strips of sign wood or metal signs that printed as solid lines.

Rules became the stereotype of what was popularly identified as 'Bauhaus sign typography'. In fact, rules and sans-serif types were typical, but they were part of a much more radical reform which examined the elements of graphic sign design and the role each of them played in trans­mitting information. Already, in his Utopia Press almanac of 1921, the Bauhaus master Johannes Itten had soberly extended Futurist efforts to make printer's type more articulate, and to give it some of the emphasis and inflections of speech. This he did with a mixture of black letter (Frak-tur) and heavy Victorian types and printer's ornaments, dots and squares, balanced on a central axis. The pages were governed by the inherently rectangular geometry of the printer's material, and white space helped to establish relationships of meaning in the text.At the Bauhaus, a thorough analysis of visual communication began with an examination of the alphabet. In German, there were special prob­lems: the prevailing style for text was black letter, whose archaic form clearly did not belong to the machine age. A more radical approach was taken to the use of capitals for the initial letters of nouns. A footnote which appeared on the Bauhaus letterhead designed by Herbert Bayer in 1925 stated the school's attitude uncompromisingly:

towards a simplified way of writing

  1. this is the way recommended by reformers of lettering as our future letterform. cf. the book lsprache undschrifi1 [speech and letterform] by dr. porstmann, union of german engineers publishers, berlin 1920.
  2. in restricting ourselves to lower-case letters our type loses nothing, but becomes more easily read, more easily learned, substantially more economic.
  3. why is there for one sound, for example a, two signs,

A and a? one sound, one sign, why two alphabets for one word, why double the number of signs, when half would achieve the same

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Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson opposes Buena Park Measure A. … It will negatively affect the lives and livelihood of Buena Park residents and business owners,” Nelson commented. “After reviewing Measure A, ……via Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson opposes Buena Park

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