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3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

At least a few of the copy wording will certainly be tentative at this time, and it is advisable to examine it with the client, specialists, government firms, or others associated with the project. The message for numerous indicators is predetermined by common use or governmental regulation, there continues to be much sign copy which need to be chosen as the joint duty of client and designer. Frequently the designer, who is extremely conscious typographic layout, can recommend a shorter expression which could communicate more quickly than one frequently used. The client must authorize any decision impacting copy wording. Be sure to consist of any changes on the file cards.

Develop an Item Number System

To permit for the reality that not all indicator types noted 10 have the very same copy message, a product number is added, which makes a two-part number, for example, 10-1, and that number is utilized on the plans to recognize each indication. There may be as numerous as 80 sign types and over 2,000 different building letters within a big signing system.

Establish a File Card System

By establishing a file of 3 x 5 cards for each project and appointing a product number to each indicator and matching card, the designer creates a versatile reference system which can be required.

This is an indication item card which consists of comprehensive information and schematic illustration of the indicator.

which replaces the momentary one having colored dots, ought to include the following details:

Item number and title Initial copy wording

Schematic illustration of indicator shape (a thumbnail sketch) Remarks, such as

SF (single-faced, message on one side just) or

DF (double-faced, message on both sides) designation and

kind of illumination.

3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

The greatest disadvantage to slides is that an art director must use some kind of viewing apparatus in order to get their full impact. Most but not all creative departments have a projector and at least a clear wall, if not an ac­tual screen, available. The art direc­tor, however, must be motivated enough to use them. This isn't as great an issue during an in-person review as it is with a mailed submis­sion.

3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

Other apparatuses used for viewing slides are hand-held viewers, light ta­bles, and overhead lights, listed in de­scending order of desirability. Some models of hand-held viewers provide modest magnification; others merely illuminate the slide from behind. In­vest in a viewer that has both capa­bilities. If you're taking slides to an in-person review, you're prepared in case the art director has only a light table available or the projector is bro­ken. This type of viewer is also in­valuable for reviewing and editing your slides at home.

3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

A light table (a table or movable box with a light source shining through a plastic or glass top) doesn't magnify your slides; they can be viewed, but detail and impact are lost.

Then there is the old “hold them up to the light and see if anything inter­ests me” tactic. This does the least to reveal anything good about your work, but everyone does it, and art directors are no exception.

As an art director, Norman Adams receives numerous mailing packages containing slides and his viewing of them covers the entire range of meth­ods:

3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

“Usually I'll put the slides on the light table; sometimes I just hold them up to an overhead light. If I'm excited by some of them or if there's something there other than what I'm seeing all the time, then I'll put them on the projector. But I often do put them on the projector because I like to explore new things. Even if it's bad, I like to look at it, examine it, and try to determine what the artist was thinking when he drew it.”

3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

Because you can never be sure in what manner your slides will be viewed, each slide must be the best attainable photograph of your work.

A “good” slide possesses these qualities:

3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

3D Foam Building Letters, made for business

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